Arix 4X Microfibre utility cloth with antibacterial treatment – multipack

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Multi Purpose microfibre cloth with antibacterial treatment against bacteria growing-up inside the cloth, for long lasting effectiveness. Use dry for dusting, wet and well squeezed for a thorough cleaning of all kind of surfaces. Four patterned colours for different use in the home.


Si utilizza bagnato e ben strizzato per lavare ed asciugare. Risciacquare bene e strizzare dopo ogni utilizzo. Non utilizzare candeggina o detergenti troppo aggressivi. Lavabile in lavatrice fino a 40°Microfibre cloth to be rinsed, well squeezed and hanged up after each use. Do not use the microfibre cloth with bleach or aggressive detergents. Can be washed by hand and soap or by washing machine up 40° without softener.

SKU: 3 28608 Categories: ,