Arix AND Eco BnB

Together to improve the quality of the environment and the well-being of our communities

New trees in 5 years
m² of territory concerned
Kg/year of CO2 retained
Arix for green

The awareness that more responsible purchasing and consumption, even in everyday domestic cleaning, can contribute to the safeguard of the environment, and our strong roots in the local area in which we operate, gave rise to our collaboration with EcoBnb, the platform that promotes a new way of travelling respecting the environment, places and communities.

After the planting in 2022 of 550 trees in the forest of Millesimo (SV), we have decided to double our effort: from 2023 to 2027 we will plant 1.100 trees every year over an area of 100.000 m², committing to their preservation for at least 50 years. A contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality and thus the well-being of places.

The trees, all native species, have not only been planted by the caretaker farmers of the EcoBnb network, but will also be constantly looked after, with the option of monitoring their position, growth, state of health and knowing the farmer who looks after them.

You, too, can contribute to planting new trees, caring for them and offsetting CO2 emissions by purchasing products from the Arix We Like Green, Aquamassage-Natural, Tonkita We Like Green and Tonkita Professional We Like Green ranges.

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