Tonkita Spikko clean & wash set

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Clean & wash floorwashing system, to be used dried for dusting floors especially marble, parquet and walls too; used wet for thorough cleaning of ceramic, grés, marble, tiled surfaces and shower cubicle. Itincludes: refill cloth with white microfibers for deep dusting and cleaning, red microfibers for deep removal of difficult stains; 360° swivel junction for achieving difficult corners, spaces under furniture and vertical surfaces; self-locking junction, for easy folding and keeping of the system in tight spaces


Wash the refill cloth before the first use. Floor cloth to be rinsed, well squeezed and hanged up after each use. Do not use the floor cloth with bleach or aggressive detergents. Floor cloth can be washed by hand with soap or by washing machine up 90° without softener

SKU: 4 TK780A Categories: ,