Arix Pratico – Nonwoven microfibre multipurpose cloth

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Nonwoven extra fine microfibre multipurpose cloth with high absorbent and degreasing microfibers. To be used dry or damp for a thorough dusting, grabbing and trapping even the very small dust. To be used wet and well squeezed for an easy and deep down cleaning of dirt, stubborn stains and grime. Soft and long lasting, ideal for both safe dusting and wiping of furniture, woodworks, kitchen appliances, stainless steel, glass and all delicate surfaces.


Microfibre cloth to be rinsed, well squeezed and hanged up after each use. Do not use the microfibre cloth with bleach or aggressive detergents. Can be washed by hand and soap or by washing machine up 60° without softener

SKU: 3 284901 Categories: ,