Cylindrical brush, with natural or plastic bristles, grafted onto a long handle, ideal for clearing of deep and/or narrow containers. In the past they were used for the cleaning of firearms. 


Cellulose is an organic compost very spread in nature. If cotton and linen, made of almost pure cellulose, are mainly used as textile fibre, the cellulose that is in some plants is used for making artificial fibres (rayon) but mostly for production of paper.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a system of norms and principles of self control, mandatory for the workers of food industry. Born from the need of granting the consumers’ safety of food.

Hydro Varnish

Inox wire sponge

Steelwool, net-knitted hank: through the process of “galvanization” the steel is covered with a zinc layer that prevents it from rusting.


Mop is a cleaning tool for floor cleaning, consisting of the screw support and microfiber or cloths stripes for deep cleaning also in corners. Attached to its handle the mop is used dry or dampen depending on the use, dusting or cleaning.


Polypropilene is a very appreciated thermoplastic polymer, much appreciated from industry and designers because of its easy processing and all-round uses: polypropylene could be rolled up, glued, printed, coloured, made translucent or transparent, in order to produce a lot of different items.

Polypropylene foam

Plastic material coming from a mixture of polypropylene and other polymers: characterized by lightness and flexibility that make it very resistant to stress. 


Recyclable are all materials that can be taken away from waste and reused in the production of their original raw material, semifinished or new materials.


TNT is the Italian acronym for “tessuto-non-tessuto” that is to say nonwoven fabric. It indicates an industrial product similar to normal fabric but with different processing: this particular technique consists of using natural or synthetic fibres, crossed or layered together with resin or thermic processus.

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